How to speed up a slow wordpress website without using plugins

Number 1 on the list would be to choose a GOOD WordPress hosting platform. Not all WordPress hosts are created equal.

Besides using optimization plugins, you can compress images using this website – Online Image Сompressor

Compressing images decreases website load time by reducing the file size of the images on the web page. This is not the same as Smush because you have to compress each image individually.

You can also purify the CSS with this website – PurifyCSS Online – Remove unused CSS

CSS Purification cleans up unnecessary CSS code. You will replace the CSS in your cache folder with the purified CSS.

When you clear your cache again, you will need to purify the CSS again because the purified CSS will be overridden by the cache refresh.

Another thing you can do is use a CDN (content delivery network ) like Cloudflare – The Web Performance & Security Company
| Cloudflare

What a CDN does is download your images and other files on your website and stores them on a different server closer to the website visitors location. This helps your website load faster because the data is coming from more than one location, ie your single website server.

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